Activity and Adventure App Because life's an adventure. Before you go, GoLog!

3 simple steps that takes less than 10 seconds

GoLog is a proactive and activity based lifestyle app, with timely notifications that relays information and reduces the impact of any accident or unplanned event.

Record Voice Note

Choose an Activity

Estimate Activity Time

If you don't end your activity by your predetermined time, timely notifications will be sent to your selected contacts, even if your phone is off or broken.

Simple yet feature-rich


During GoMode your activity details,

voice recording, and location

is saved in our cloud.

GoLog Cloud

Your activity details will be sent even if your phone is turned off, damaged

or out of coverage area.

End Activity

Only YOUR passcode can end

your GoLog activity.


A simple touch and slide feature allows you to instantly notify your contacts of an emergency situation.


Your activity details and location are private, and only seen by your contacts

after expiration of an activity.

Data Protection

We do not share, sell or post your information and GoLog is not linked to any social media platforms.


Simple and easy to use


Introductory Offer

GoLog coverage is available in the following countries:


United States, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Ireland, Germany, India, Belgium, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain



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